"Dare to be brave today, and trust that when you extend your wings, you will fly."

Sit in ceremony with these two potent fire & earth allies.

Sacred Snuff: Rapé 
("Ra-pay" or “Ha-peh”)


Indigenous Shamanic Plant Teacher 

 Rapéh (pronounced "Ra-pay" or “Ha-peh”) snuff is a sacred and legal herbal snuff from the indigenous peoples of the forest. It is a sacred blend ceremonially prepared by a medicine man pulverizing different blends of amazonian plants, ashes of tree barks, leaves, seeds with ashes of Tobacco (N.rustica) at its base.

The amazonian tobacco, known as mapacho is a much more potent form of tabacco we are used to here in the west (N. Tabacum)  Mapacho is widely used and revered by the tribes and extensively used in rituals all across the regions. There are many different blends containing a series of different and secret medicinal amazonian plants differing from each tribe and region. But each snuff is prepared by a paje (medicine man) with healing chants & prayers as the ashes of each plant is pulverized. 

To many regions, this sacred snuff is deeply connected to the spirit of the jaguar and the earth. It brings profound energetic/physically cleansing properties, with the release of toxins and mucus, purifying the system. Following the purification, one feels a sense of acute awareness and presence. Mapacho is sacred to many indigenous cultures, since ancient times, grandfather tobacco is said to be the vehicle that carries our prayers directly to spirit. Paving a direct channel to spirit to recieve guidance, insights and protection.

It is important we work with Rapéh with reverence and utmost respect, as it contains the spirit of the rainforest and grandfather mapacho. When used correctly it can bring tremendous benefits by the grounding power of mapacho, the guidance and insights it provides, and the endless cleansing benefits of the plants contained within the blend, 

To many tribes, especially the Matses tribe from Peru, Rapéh is a snuff utilized to work directly with spirit and the spirit of the rainforest to provide insights and visions on locations of where their meals are so that they can provide for their community. At times, they gather around sharing the sacred snuff to sing the song of life and offer prayers to the land and the water. 

 Rapéh is a deeply sacred plant teacher to me, I work with it often, it has carried me throughout many transitions, providing supreme clarity, discernment and grounding back into my heart when I feel out of touch with myself. It is an activating medicine to the pineal gland & the root chakra center, grounding you into earth, yet pillaring you to your highest self. 


 Rapéh is served blown up each nostril directly aiming to the pineal region, blown by a tepi (a v shaped pipe made out by bamboo or bone)Or self served by a kuripe. Accompanied by prayer, chants, rattles, and invocation to grandfather mapacho to bring our prayers to spirit. It immediately permeates through your mucous membranes into your bloodstream. The constituents attach to nicotine receptors, resulting in increased production of dopamine, acetylcholine, and epinephrine. This chemical process results in a calm, grounded sense of awareness and stillness. 

It is important to keep in mind that Rapéh is cleansing in nature, you may experience its purgative properties. Working with it intentionally, in a ceremonial setting, away from loud chaotic environments to connect with the plant teacher is highly recommended. 

Initially you may experience a painful sensation, a bit of nausea during the initial phase as the medicine floods throughout your body, euphoric sensation for a period of time and ultimately feeling grounded and a sense of peace. 

  Utilizing your breath, coming back to your center, to your intention and sitting in stillness in meditation     is how we work with Rapéh intentionally. 




Fire Medicine - Grandfather Spirit

Sananga is a powerful cleansing medicine applied via eye drops, it is an alchemized juice of the roots of a plant tabernaemontana that grows along the Amazon River of South America. The drops contain similar alkaloids to Ibogane, a powerful transformative substance if ingested will illicit a deep trance that brings the person right into the spirit world. 

Sananga is traditionally used for both it's physical and energetically cleansing benefits. The tribes worked with it for improving & strengthening their hunting skills, it helps improve visual perception, and sharpen night vision which is incredibly useful for hunting and defending. It gives them the advantage to see the smallest of movements within the densest of forest. The tribes have traditionally used it to  to treat ocular conditions including cataracts, nearsightedness, glaucoma, farsightedness, partial blindness and astigmatism. Although there are no current scientific studies to claim this. 

*Sananga treats a variety of ocular problems but cannot be administered if contacts are on.  

The tribes people work with sananga as a powerful energetically cleansing tool to clear them of panemas - which translates to us as laziness, stuck stagnant energy, depression, lack of focus etc. *There are no current scientific studies to prove this*

On an energetic level sananga opens the inner vision, people have claimed it work's directly with the third eye, accompanied with intention, it cleanses the illusions, the false narratives and stories we create for ourselves, providing clarity and focus. Traditionally it was recommended percussor to kambo as it provides that depth of insight into the blocks that we are perhaps responsible for. 

The experience:

The initial experience in itself is painful, akin to a flash of lightning into your eyes, after a few minutes, a flush of heat will envelop you, some stored emotions can be arise from the ceremony. Keeping your eyes closed, and breathe deeply, and surrender to its force. Listen carefully to what it wants to teach you.



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