courageous soul,
 to the heart of sapo

 My name is Maureen Rose, 

Initiated Medicine Carrier. Ceremonialist. Vibrational Medicine Practitioner. Metaphysical Translator.

 A sister to you and above all, a steward and guardian of this earth. 

My deepest prayer and intention for you is to root & remember who you truly are. Not to evolve into something more or to be something you believe you need to be, but to unravel and reveal layers of the innate grace and beauty that lies within, wherein lies the true source of your own unique authentic power and purpose. 

I am an IASP initiated medicine carrier to sacred jungle medicines, serving and guiding souls to a space of clarity, alignment and total mind, body & spirit unison. A space that is truly our natural state. I am devoted to serve from a space of trauma informed awareness,  responsibility and unbridled presence.


I created the heart of sapo, a container of heart offerings, that support you and respect the rainforest where these medicines come from. The medicines are ethically collected, directly from the Matses Tribe in Peru. Each Kambo ceremony with the Heart of Sapo, a portion of the proceeds help the indigenous tribe members that are there to guard & conserve our precious Amazon rainforest.



I come from a lineage of medicine men and women from an animistic culture in the Philippines. raised within a village deep within the tropical forest of the Philippines, rich in folk magic, holistic modalities that survived hundreds years of colonization. Life in itself is a ceremonial ritual, therefore communing with the elements and being in ceremony, comes oh so naturally to me. 

 I carry a very specific medicine of death & rebirth, being a survivor child of maternal mortality, I've survived ordeals I didn't think I'd be here alive to write this, a lifetime of trauma and most of these years I have been isolated, So i deeply understand what it feels like to be alone, to feel helpless and to struggle in isolation, to be afraid of people yet feel the deep longing in my heart to feel welcomed & understood. The truth is healing is a lifetime and communal process. 

My path to kambo

I began my journey with kambo in 2020, at a retreat and immediately started self serving to understand the spirit of kambo deeper, within the peak intensity of the purges, the cries and the shakes, I was greeted with deep love like a child. A love I had never known but have always. It revealed the true love of a mother, I have never known my mother as she died giving birth to me, but it connected me closer to her, to the heart of the earth, it connected me to my heart and this was initial breath of the heart of sapo. 

I've gathered garnets of wisdom by having kambo and hapeh as an ally, I wear the scars of kambo like a badge of honor, every uncomfortable ceremony i give gratitude to, for it has brought be back home to myself. These medicines have guided me through the most psychologically difficult transitions. I have an embodied understanding that trauma is trapped in the body, and in the spirit. That's what kambo revealed to me, it revealed who i truly am, my strength, my resilience and my power. It showed me my devotion to life regardless what happened in the past, and what I am here to do. 

And I know it will do the same for you, this medicine has a unique message for every single one of us.

My call to serve is to serve great spirit, through the healing and liberation of all the children of earth who hear the call.


What other's have to say

Here you'll find some testimonials from the courageous souls that trusted me in their process.

"Maureen is an extremely compassionate and knowledgeable healer, and true medicine woman. She has great respect for the medicine, and also incredible intuitive abilities. She has motherly energy and I felt very safe, loved and protected in ceremony. Her space is welcoming and comfortable and the ambience is perfect for a medicine ceremony. My Kambo ceremony with Maureen was powerful, she intuitively picked the exact points I felt I needed, and we had great conversations before and after about the wounds I was trying to heal and she offered me much insight. She also fed me the bombest chicken soup and hummus after. Thanks Maureen!"

- Dan Fow | Osteopath & Retreat Facilitator 
 "Maureen guided me through a profound experience of releasing, purging + clearing emotional, mental, physical + spiritual pain/dis-ease. I felt such a weight lifted off of me; so much clarity with my self, external relationships + my business. Post-ceremony I have experienced so much transformation as I continue to integrate the lessons of this powerful and sacred medicine. Thank you Maureen for being such an integrity-driven guide 🙏🏼💖"

 - Emily Steffen | Sacred Ceremony Facilitator
"My love and appreciation for kambo grows stronger and stronger each time I sit with the medicine. A few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting with my dear friend Maureen #heartofsapo and she challenged me. I had to do some deep healing and wanted to push myself beyond my limits. I ended up doing two sessions in one day back to back with little break in between (6 points in morning and 7 points in afternoon). It’s definitely not for the faint heart and I barely pushed through it. This lady took exceptional care of me, and not only guided me but was with me for every moment through the entire process. Her care and commitment is exceptional and I highly recommend her kambo services to others. SO grateful for the experience, what kambo brought up from the shadows and how my life changed. Maureen showed me a great deal of support before the ceremony, during and days/weeks afterwards. She took great care to make sure you had a good integration back into society. ❤️🙏 much love" 

- Nick Mula | Hamilton, ONT

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