Heart Offerings

From the heart of the jungle to you. 

The Heart of Sapo is a trauma informed practice, I meet you where you're at.

Private Kambô Ceremony
(Sananga, Kambo, Rapeh, Post integration support)

- Sliding Scale -
1 session: $222-333
2 sessions: $400
Kambo trinity: $600-900
Travel: 50$
Lodging: Email me for details.

This intimate ceremony includes the two complimentary medicines; Sananga and Rapéh to complete.

Rapeh & Sananga are complimentary, but recommended for a full Kambo ceremony experience.

Light snacks/ Kambo nourishing soup.

One integration call after the ceremony to embody the experience and provide answers for any questions you may have.

Kambo Trinity

Is an intimate deep dive with the Sapo Spirit, if you've been feeling stuck, stagnant, have deeper blocks and an immune compromised system, this is for you.I highly recommend this protocol for those who are ready to commit to removing these blocks. Done within a weekend or within the 28 day lunar cycle.

The kambo trinity sessions are my most booked bundle. 

*Our medicines comes directly from the Matses Tribe in Peru. Each Kambo ceremony with the Heart of Sapo helps conserve our precious Amazon rainforest & the indigenous tribe members that are there to guard it.*

Spiritdose Sapo
(Micro dose Kambo only)

1 spirit dose ceremony:125$

A spirit microdose ceremony is a gentle introduction to kambo, it may contain one or two small kambo points to gently introduce a conversation between your body and the spirit of kambo. 

This is for those who are not ready to undertake a full kambo cleanse but have felt the call to begin the journey with kambo. This is a beautiful gentle introduction that can open up the body and the heart for a deeper dose in the future. 

Sananga and rapeh is optional and up to the participant. 

Light snacks included.

One integration call post ceremony is optional.  

Couples & Group Ceremonies
(Sananga, Kambo, Rapeh, Post integration support)

185-222$ per person.

A group ceremony includes the traditional methods of working with the sister medicines of kambo 

- Rapéh snuff and sanaga, both are optional but recommended for a full and complete ceremony.

Includes: Light snacks/or Kambo soup

Included is an optional one follow up integration call after the ceremony to embody the experience & provide answers to any questions you may have.

Further integration calls/metaphysical and nutritional guidance can be provided if the support is required at an additional cost


Rapéh Ceremony
+ option to add sananga

Private: $77
Group of 4: TBD

This ceremony includes:

Smudge prayer infused with your intention, Invocation, rapeh, sound bath, light snacks, follow up integration post ceremony. 

The experience itself will depend on your level of experience and relationship with Rapéh.

For first timers; we will begin with a smudge to remove any etheric debris, thoughtforms/emotions/cords carried throughout the day. Followed with an invocation to grandfather mapacho, tuning into your intentions to meet sacred rapeh for the first time. And the intention to remove any blockages from your body/mind/spirit and release it.

For experienced sitters, you will sit for two sessions, we will have begin the first session to clear your field in preparation for the following session, which we will create a ceremony to invoke the elements, the benevolent spirits of the land, to call in your highest intention/prayer.


Guidance from the
 Forest Teachers (Rapeh, Sananga, Mapacho, Post integration call)

Private: $150

This offering includes our potent fire & earth teachers - Sananga & Rapeh -

 We will begin with a smudge infused with your intention to release and receive from these forest teachers. 

We carry on to invoke the spirit of AGNI, fires of purification that sananga provides, to release and revoke any cords, and illusions we may be still partaking in or are long over due and need help releasing. 

Then we go into prayer with grandfather mapacho, the choice of the blend will be encouraged to be intuitively picked by you. We ground and release our prayer with mapacho.

The flow of the ceremony is determined by spirit.

- Fruits and mini sound bath will be included.

Sacred Rapéh- 
self serve guidance 

Private: $200

This ceremony includes: Smudge infused with your intention, self serving guidance, invocation, rapeh ceremony, sound, 3 grams of rapeh, a kuripe, light snacks, and follow up integration + support onwards.

This option is for those that want to cultivate a relationship with the sacred tobacco snuff. 

The process is very similar to a rapeh ceremony with me, where i will first serve you to clear your field, the following session, I will show you how to serve yourself and develop an intentional practice. 

We will discuss safety, different blends, different blows, as well as history behind this sacred practice and how to work with this medicine with reverence. 

 I will provide a beginners kuripe, as well as 3grams of sacred rapeh. 

Sacred Honguitos Ceremony

Email to inquire.

Coming Soon..

Full Day- Rebirth Immersion Kambo & Honguitos Ceremony with rose of jericho

Email to inquire.

Please email me directly about this service.

We will design a specific protocol for you, designed to clear, reset and renew the mind, body and spirit. 

VIbrational Medicine 


coming soon.. 

Metaphysical Translator & Integrative Guidance 

50$ - 45 mins
100$ - 1hour +

I've created this opportunity due to a higher demand for my space and metaphysical guidance. This is to provide a more direct and exclusive access to me, you will have my full undivided attention, to ask me any questions you may have. This session will be tailored to you, I will be bringing my tools and expertise to support you through your integrative process.

Book your call today.

Thank you for visiting the heart of sapo, If you're ready to undergo this journey, I'm here to meet you where you're at, be it that you're truly ready for a radical change, or it's to tickle your simple curiosity - Your intuitive compass is guiding you. 
The initial step is deciding which medicine is right for you. If you need help determining what that is, 
I can assist you with that. 

It is my pledge to serve this medicine from a space of integrity and accessibility, sliding scale options are available for those who are truly in need but feel could benefit from a kambo cleanse. Email us to inquire about our sliding scale options.



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