Here you'll find some testimonials from the courageous souls that trusted me in their process.

"My love and appreciation for kambo grows stronger and stronger each time I sit with the medicine. A few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting with my dear friend Maureen #heartofsapo and she challenged me. I had to do some deep healing and wanted to push myself beyond my limits. I ended up doing two sessions in one day back to back with little break in between (6 points in morning and 7 points in afternoon). It’s definitely not for the faint heart and I barely pushed through it. This lady took exceptional care of me, and not only guided me but was with me for every moment through the entire process. Her care and commitment is exceptional and I highly recommend her kambo services to others. SO grateful for the experience, what kambo brought up from the shadows and how my life changed. Maureen showed me a great deal of support before the ceremony, during and days/weeks afterwards. She took great care to make sure you had a good integration back into society. ❤️🙏 much love" 

- Nick Mula | Hamilton, ONT
 "Maureen guided me through a profound experience of releasing, purging + clearing emotional, mental, physical + spiritual pain/dis-ease. I felt such a weight lifted off of me; so much clarity with my self, external relationships + my business. Post-ceremony I have experienced so much transformation as I continue to integrate the lessons of this powerful and sacred medicine. Thank you Maureen for being such an integrity-driven guide 🙏🏼💖"

 - Emily Steffen | Sacred Ceremony Facilitato
@heartofsapo .. she’s a blessing, a special being that will help guide you down your path. She’s loving, courageous, and very gentle. I encourage anyone who’s willing to work on themselves to to get in touch with her.. she’ll help you unlock your true potential. I’m so grateful 🙏❤️ - @Outdoor_explorer7
It was my first time working with Kambo and although I felt a sense of calm with the spirit of Sapo strongly present with me, my nerves began to rise up as I stepped into the space to begin ceremony. Maureen greeted me with such warmth and kindness, her energy so gentle. These qualities along with her knowledge allowed me to return to a sense of calm before the ceremony began. I had no idea what to expect, I kept my heart open and set the intention to allow the wisdom of the medicine to lead the way. My experience was intense and beautiful. Breathing and feeling into the pain, the sensations, lead me to a euphoric state. The image of our souls sharing a beautiful dance allowed me to stay calm and connected. I fully surrendered, feeling completely held and supported by Maureen and the connection with Kambo spirit. Afterwards, I felt absolute bliss. A sense of peace that I allowed myself to bask in. I wrote in my journaI, ‘I feel rejuvenated. I feel light. I feel connected. A smile comes naturally and effortlessly to my face. I’m so good right now. Absolute peace’. 

Maureen’s support didn’t end with ceremony. She extends her support into the coming days and weeks that follow, offering further insight and integration tools. She truly is a beautiful soul with so much to give. I will return again to dance with the spirit of Sapo, with Maureen as my guide and space holder.

- Kailey Noble | @4elements.experience 
“I went through the Kambo trinity with Maureen, sitting 3 days in a row with this wonderful medicine. Maureen was always present, thoughtful and supportive, creating a comfortable atmosphere in which I felt allowed to be genuine, both in and between the ceremonies. I learned a lot about myself during the experiences and by talking to Maureen, which was overall an amazing guide for my Kambo initiation.“

 - Hugo Bos | Montreal 

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