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This is for you if you're ready to clear the pathways to reach a state of clarity and live a life you're truly meant to live.

Get clarity and support on:

Resolving childhood trauma 

Self destructive patterns

Big life transitions / Decisions

Rejuvenate the mind and spirit

Revitalize your inspirations

Cultivation of self awareness & presence

Cultivation of inner resilience built from true love of self

Letting go of attachments that do NOT serve you

Connection to your higher intuitive faculties

Navigating Grief



*Kambo aids to somatically release & reset the entire system*

Physical ailments & conditions Kambo has supported with:

Autoimmune conditions
 Chronic bacterial or viral infections
 Drug and alcohol addictions
Lyme Disease
Chronic pain
& so forth -

We have been gifted this incredible gift from earth to support us, we were meant to build a symbiotic relationship with her resources.

If you're ready to be supported, email us today!

Learn more about this beautiful medicine below

Kambô-Sapo Cleanse

Phyllomedusa bicolor 

"Gaint Monkey Tree Frog"

Kambô  is a venomous sweat secretion produced by the widely revered giant monkey tree frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) It can be found in abundant numbers within the deeper parts of the Amazon basin, particularly in Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Guianas.

Also known as Sapo/ Acate in Peru. Pow-kiet to the matses tribe.

Kambo/Sapo is an ancient jungle technology, historically & traditionally used by the hunters of the tribe to facilitate a cleansing and purgative response within the body,
to catalyze physical and spiritual healing. It is a potent natural antiviral, antibiotic, antimicrobial, analgesic and anti inflammatory susbtance.

The warrior of the tribes work with kambo as an ally to strengthen their immunity, build resilience and increase stamina to gather food for their families. For many kambo is an ally to clear panema (dark cloud/energy) is blamed for bad luck, depression, laziness, irritation, and other adverse states. clearing this cloud is important for indigenous groups that depend on hunting and community coherence. 


All the tribes in the region that work with kambo share a similar origin story of how they came across Kambo, One famously known story is based on the legendary pajé (medicine man) Kampu. This shaman is said to have learned about the medicine from a forest spirit (ayahuasca) having exhausted all other means to heal his sickly tribe. According to the Kaxinawá, the spirit of Kampu lives on in the giant monkey frog, continuing to heal any who seek it. 

Whatever the mythical origin, kambo medicine has long been used by indigenous Pano-speaking groups in the Amazon.

It may also have been used by the classical Maya, whose art depicted tree frogs next to mushrooms. Traditional uses include eliminating toxins, increasing strength and stamina, monitoring pregnancy (or inducing abortion), and dispersing negative energy known as panema. In the rainforest, kambo is used as a hunting aid, reducing the need for food and water and minimizing the human scent. Fortified by the “vaccine,” hunters are also thought to emit a strange green light that draws their prey away.

In the 1980s,it was rediscovered in a sense, by journalist Peter Gorman and anthropologist Katharine Milton, both of whom spent time living with the Matsés tribe. They brought kambo to our attention. Thanks to them, we now have access to this powerful healing ally. 

Ethical Harvest

In captivity, the monkey tree frog doesn't produce sapo.

Ethical harvest is paramount for the survival of this creature and for the continuous accessibility of this medicine. The process of collection by the tribe members is a ritual in itself. 

It is a friendly and nocturnal creature that volunteers itself when it hears the tribe calling, giant monkey tree frogs have a distinctive song that gives away its location.

Once caught, the frogs are very docile in nature, often curious about you, its legs are then gently tied by a straw string, spreading them to make an X shape, some members don't tie the frog but collect the medicine while it calmly rest on a branch. It is mildly stressed for a short period of time during the secretion extraction process; it is tickled to produce a milky waxy substance which is placed onto a wooden splinters to dry. The frog is released in gratitude and celebration unharmed, usually taking the frog to the river to rejuvenate them.

The tribes people have an instinctive connection and respect to mother nature, understanding not to take more than what is needed, only careful to take the first lot and to leave enough for the frog to protect itself. The frog doesn't produce sapo - the waxy secretion in captivity, it is essential to be release unharmed into its natural habitat. Any disregard to this creature is a direct retaliation to mother earth which results in negative consequences for their community.


Sustainability of the Gaint leaf frog

Currently the species is listed as stable, with the growing popularity and demand for this frog increasing, it may pose a threat to the species if they are unethically removed from their natural habitat, which puts pressure on an ecologically sensitive species. Hence why it is important to consider who your practitioner is and where they receive the medicine. At the heart of sapo, I directly receive my medicine from the Matses tribe, where they are ethically collected and released into the wild. 

With all of that being said, it is significantly important to support the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, whom are the guardians of the rainforest, if we don't carry a sustainable practice and mindset, we would not have the rainforest for the future generations.


Kambo reminds the body to reactivate certain functions while simultaneously removing toxins.



Why Kambo?

Kambo/Sapo has a range of traditional and potential therapeutic applications, both medical and psycho-spiritual. Commonly described as the "vaccine of the jungle" the venomous secretion is known for its powerful emetic or purgative effects. Despite its initial unpleasantness, This medicine is widely sought out to revitalize body and mind.
it contains various bioactive peptides that results in the various sensations that one experiences during a ceremony.

Bioactive in layman's terms: your body is able to receive it, as if it created itself, you are experiencing everything that your body essentially makes. Some of the peptides in Kambó are very similar to the same peptides created by the body. Peptides have an affinity binding with receptor sites in humans, similar to a lock opened with the right key, the bioactive peptides illicit specific reactions in the body. 

Kambo reminds the body to reactivate certain functions while simultaneously removing toxins

Kambo is well known to relieve various ailments

It is significantly important to work with a trained practitioner who will put your safety first and is trained in various protocols that can help with the following:

Boost and empowers the immune system, detox the body, balances hormones, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, digestive imbalances, anxiety, addictions, HIV, fertility challenges, irregular menstrual cycles, parasites, arthritis, cancer, Lyme disease, chronic pain, candida, PMDD. Parkinson's disease, 

kambo demonstrates potent antimicrobial activity against bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa and enveloped viruses & because it is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, neuropeptides that are active in the central & peripheral nervous system.

and many more to be revealed as we learn more about this powerful ally.

Common FAQ

Is the kambo secretion toxic? 

None of the peptides contained in kambo is known to be toxic to mammalian cells. However what makes kambo a powerful antibiotic is that the peptides are potentially toxic to viruses, pathogens, fungi and parasites. 

Is kambo safe?

Despite the physical ordeal of a detoxification process, kambo is a very safe done under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. At the heart of sapo, i am trained to safely carry out this procedure. While there are contraindication's that would prevent a small portion of people from sitting with kambo, most people are perfectly fine to receive it.  

Is kambo legal?

It is legal virtually everywhere in the world but Australia. 

How many sessions do I need?

This is dependent on the participant's physical/mental/emotional health, and ultimately, the goal of the participant. Kambo tends to be highly effective when served as a series. especially for those with chronic health issues, addictions, deep emotional blocks due to trauma, depression/anxiety, feeling stagnant, and those requiring a deeper detox due to a certain lifestyle, which in my humble opinion we all need. One session is the beginning of a conversation between the body and the spirit of Sapo. If it's your first time sitting with kambo, and want to clear away deep emotional debris, I highly recommend committing to a series of three sessions with kambo, which i termed Kambo Trinity. 

However, the medicine of kambo is highly intelligent, there is a conversation that happens between the body and Sapo that surpasses what the mind can comprehend, that one sitting with kambo, even to simply try it, can go so far. Please refer to "spirit micro dose ceremony" if you are curious to try a smaller dose to begin the conversation and still benefit from the bioactive peptides of Sapo.

Is it safe to drive after a kambo ceremony?

Yes, most people recover from their session within an hour, some even less. it depends on how you feel and when you are truly ready to drive. 

A few interesting facts about the peptides in Kambo

The waxy secretion that is produced by the monkey tree frog contains hundred of peptides that is still highly beneficial to us, which also is responsible for the unpleasant sensation that arises within a kambo cleanse. 

A few of these peptides includes:

  • Cerulean: During a cleanse, this peptide is responsible for increasing your heart rate, vomiting, facial flash, swelling, sweating and bowel movement. Cerulean has an analgesic effect for pain relief in the central nervous system.
  • Sauvagine: stimulates the adrenal cortex which contributes to heightened sensory perception and stamina. It is involved in stress, anxiety, depression, and addictive behavior
  • Tryptophillins: increases insulin & increases synthesis protein in the liver which cleanses toxins, really helpful for diabetes It cleanses what blocks the body from reaching homoestasis state. Re-teaching the body it's inherent function.
  • phyllomedusin & phyllokinin: responsible for crossing the blood brain barrier, it reactivates dormant receptor sites & heal damage receptor sites.
  • Dermaseptines: multifunctional; antimicrobial, antiviral, destablizes the membrane of a cell & inhibit cellular duplication. It stops the pathogen crossing the receptors. Helps with HIV.


"Dermaseptin B2 has been shown to inhibit cancer cell (human prostatic adenocarcinoma) growth by more than 90%. This peptide penetrates cells and works by necrosis (active destruction) and not apoptosis (normal or programmed cell death)"

"Dermaseptins, including adenoregulin, are powerful antibiotics. Found to be rapidly and irreversibly effective against a range of parasitic microorganisms, Combined with their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, peptides in kambo are especially promising for conditions like Cryptococcal meningitis in patients with late-stage HIV."

"The deltorphins and dermorphin present in kambo have analgesic effects comparable to the body’s own pain response of beta-endorphin release. They’re also stronger than morphine without the same level of respiratory depression, tolerance potential, and withdrawal symptoms."

"Adenoregulin affects the binding of agonists to adenosine receptors—instrumental in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier[. Which may be useful in the development of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and strokes. Anecdotal evidence supports kambo’s use in depression treatment, anxiety, and addiction."

Contraindications & Safety

Kambo is highly beneficial for optimizing mind, body and spirit health, but there are a few ailments that must thread with caution in regards to kambo. 

Please visit the Forms & Guidelines Section for more details.


the journey to rebirth

Aho brave soul! for answering the call to journey with the warrior medicine. It is not for the faint of heart, but for the brave soul who is willing to go through a ceremonial release of toxins that has been trapped within the body. Most common ailments we often encounter in the western world are due to not having the spaces to properly grieve, process or release our emotions in a sacred container. 

Kambo doesn't hold the promise to add to you, to cure you of your ailments  but it certainly removes what you are not. But it is primarily through your sole intention to finally release and renew your life, where the true magic of kambo as an ally occurs. 

The application & the journey

We begin a Kambo ceremony with an invocation to the elements, to mother earth for providing these medicines, to great spirit that will protect the space and your intention to guide the journey of release. Followed with sananga which is optional but a recommended precursor to kambo, as it beautifully opens up your body and your field to fine tune into the release you are about to embark on.

The application of your points also known as gates, is determined by infusing your intention with my knowledge of the meridian system/energy centers and my intuitive guidance. The dried kambo is mixed with my saliva to cut the medicine and is divided into small dots. Once prepared, the medicine will be applied topically to your skin by applying superficial burns using a tamishi vine, to expose the dermis so the medicine can directly enter the lymphatic system & the bloodstream.  

A kambo cleanse is generally intense & fast, the medicine stays on you for about 10-15 minutes but can still feel the effects lasting for about 30 minutes, some for an hour even after the medicine has been removed. Within the first minute, it is generally common to feel an increase in heart rate, a warm sensation within your body, and a slight swelling within your throat, face ears, prickly sensation in your hands, which are all completely normal. 

After a few minutes, blood pressure will rise and fall, by then it is normal to feel nausea which can trigger the most common way to purge on kambo - vomitting, welcome it, surrender to these sensation by finding your breath, and allow kambo to do its work on your body, Other forms of purging can include sweating, fainting, laughing, shaking, crying, bowel movement, and burping. Rapéh or other methods that aid in purging may be offered, if you are doing water method, you MUST purge. Your body and spirit will thank you,

Depending on the treatment/protocol, most generally feel back to normal after an hour but it is recommended to rest for the following 2 hours after treatment. It is not uncommon to have a bowel movement or to continue to purge throughout the day. Most people often feel a new sense of vitality and sense of wellbeing days following the treatment.

The gates we opened will be treated with Dragons Blood - an Amazonian tree sap, which helps heal the burn marks faster and protect against infections. Your burn marks are your warrior scars, which will fade overtime, symbolic of the steps you courageously took for your healing journey.

Sananga will be offered prior to kambo and Rapéh/Nunu post treatment, it is optional but recommended for a full ceremony. It is a beautiful way to open up the body and end the treatment with Rapéh, grounding you yet pillaring you to the guidance of spirit. 

Kambo is not hallucinogenic , but it is not uncommon for people to receive psychoactive like insights and messages from spirit and remain in a euphoric state. While a kambo ceremony is generally known to be unpleasant but it certainly can surprise you at times, where it has produced euphoric like states in some, myself included.

Kambo Trinity

Kambo trinity is an intimate dive into this heart medicine, it includes three sessions of kambo within the 28 day lunar cycle, or within a weekend. This is for those who are undergoing a medical or trauma protocol or who are in need of clearing deeper blocks within their system. It is my most booked service for this reason. It is no easy feat but a rewarding one, as your body will experience the heart of kambo and the benefits that it provides. Safe for beginners and well versed sitters. 

Preparing for treatment

Forms & Guidelines

Sitting with Kambo requires the participant to complete a medical consent form, a liability waiver and to submit a deposit of 100$ CAD prior to a ceremony to secure their date.

- Integration -

Integration in silence following a treatment is recommended, one integration call is included in a kambo ceremony package to help embody your experience and answer any questions that may have arised. It is normal for old/stuck feelings to arise, or feelings of overwhelm as you start to see yourself and your life clearer, as well as detox symtoms can also occur due to the nature of this acute cleanse.

Download the integrative form found in the forms and guidelines section, and recieve a free follow up phonecall support from me. Any integrative calls after this is 50$ for 45 minutes.

From the heart of the jungle to you..

I intend to serve from a place of integrity and trauma-informed responsibility, for your safety and for your highest good, this is my promise. If you choose to embark this couragous journey with me, I am here for you all the way. If you feel this medicine could benefit you but have limited funds, email me for my sliding scale options, accessibility is part of my practice.

 I have embarked on the initiative warrior journey with kambo through the International Association of Sapo Practitioners, founded by Peter Gorman ( the grandfather of kambo in the west, he was responsible for bringing kambo to us) We are deeply connected to the Matsès tribe in Peru, I intend to carry on the wisdom & knowledge to our ceremony with utmost reverence, Whether you choose to sit with me or another, 
I bow to you for your simple curiosity and send you blessings on your path, 

thank you for visiting my page.
Gracias, Gracias Kambo Medicina!




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